About Us

Happy employees are more creative and productive. They’re also less likely to quit.
Being transparent and honest with your employees helps them feel valued and respected.
As an employer, saying “thank you” is a simple but effective way to show your appreciation.

In recent years, showing appreciation and thanks to employees have become increasingly difficult.
With more and more people working from home, creating a feeling of camaraderie, being a part of a team and just feeling valued by your employers, has had to take a backseat.

At Neat and Chic we have identified and realized the value of ensuring happy employees that feel appreciated.
One should never underestimate the value of a simple ‘Thank You’, ‘You are valued’ or ‘Keep up the good work’.

While more money can help put a smile on your employees’ faces, it’s not the only way to keep them cheerful.

Well thought through and meaningful gifts aimed at creating a feeling of togetherness and some lighthearted fun and appreciation goes a long way in showing your appreciation, and investing in your most valuable asset: Your Employees.

Let us assist in choosing the perfect gift box for any event.
We can provide group boxes for any event/function, and we are able to provide unique, employee specific gift boxes for any special occasion. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we will do the rest.

Why Choose Us

Bespoke Gift Boxing

Tailor made and hand picked

Personalised hands-on service

No shopping around for the best deals. All the effort and procuring of decent quality products will be done by us.

Door to door courier

All included in the price.